"I strongly recommend any course offered by Debbie Patterson. I find her passion for helping patients with persistent pain is only matched by her passion to teach health care providers how to optimally manage persistent pain". 
Dr. Bahram Jam, PT
"Debbie's practical and immediately applicable teachings have been a game changer in how I assess and treat not only my chronic pain patients, but surprisingly has been extremely valuable and effective with the rest of my adult caseload as well. "   P. Bond, PT​
  1. Courses
    PainSolutions offers courses For Physiotherapists and Health Care Professionals to develop skills, assessing and treating Persistent Pain, Fibromyalgia, Sleep, Chronic Low Back Pain and other conditions.
  2. About Us
    PainSolutions is a Calgary based treatment practice owned by Debbie Patterson. We are committed to delivering treatment, soundly based in science, for people with chronic or persistent pain.
  3. Patient Care
    PainSolutions is licensed in Alberta & Ontario and offers programs customized to meet the needs of each individual client.